“Earthy gospel and blues flavored stride piano along with an equally toned vocal style show the years of writing and performing have honed Ms. Allen's performances to the level of extraordinary music.” 

“Very professional Album and Videos! This Artist puts her heart and soul into her storytelling. Every song has a " different feel". So many artists seem to have many of their songs sound alike. I find myself listening and watching over and over again. Then I find that the songs stay with me and I will be humming or singing. When the music captures me like that, I know that there are " here to stay". Crickett's authenticity, pure talent and passion are refreshing. She is a brilliant songwriter!!” 

“I have to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your songs. I can relate to you so much through the songs you sing.  I also have a granddaughter we have been raising since birth that turns 4 the 19th that I want to show that no matter the situations you can rise above. Although you might struggle, you grow stronger though it. Your songs are awesome, and I love your song “Holding on”.”


" Southern Heart is born from actual experiences from people Crickett has known and actual events that happened in her own life. It deals with the range of human experiences from finding love, dealing with betrayal from a "friend" or lover, sticking your toe in the water again after a failed relationship, how to deal with hurt and disappointment, the power of friends, overcoming fear and doubt and making a decision to choose what you really want in life, and putting that into action. It's about people who live for themselves, and those dedicated to helping others. It's about taking a look in the mirror and seeing who's looking back, then changing what you don't like. It's about courage, hope, family, healing, taking risks, learning and giving a darn. And its' about life and getting the most out of the ride because the clocks ticking."  -Georgia Music Channel