Crickett writes from the realm of human experiences. Good songs have a solid musical framework 
and lyrics that tell a story, creating the opportunity for the listener to form a mental movie and relate 
to the story line. Great songs tell compelling stories people identify with and share in with the 
music, carrying the listener along so they can embrace it all. Crickett has been writing songs all her 
life, and has over 100 copyrighted originals. What sets her apart is her understanding of melody 
and chord progressions, as her parents were both jazz musicians, and she began arranging jazz 
numbers at 3 years old with her dad`s encouragement. Her knowledge of jazz, funk, blues, and 
rock progressions allow her to create the right feel and musical backdrop for each song. One of the 
first gigs she had with her first band was opening a concert for Jazz icon Maynard Ferguson, who 
raved about the band after the show. Lyrically she has the gift of telling meaningful stories that go 
beyond, "my gal left me for for the postman and I need to tie one on", and create impressions that 
pack a wallop. Southern Heart is born from actual experiences from people Crickett has known 
and actual events that happened in her own life. It deals with the range of human experiences from 
finding love, dealing with betrayal from a "friend" or lover, sticking your toe in the water again after 
a failed relationship, how to deal with hurt and disappointment, the power of friends, overcoming 
fear and doubt and making a decision to choose what you really want in life, and putting that into 
action. It`s about people who live for themselves, and those dedicated to helping others. It`s about 
taking a look in the mirror and seeing who`s looking back, then changing what you don`t like. It`s 
about courage, hope, family, healing, taking risks, learning and giving a darn. And it`s about life 
and getting the most out of the ride because the clock`s ticking. Musically, the album encompasses 
southern rock, country, jazz, funk and blues showcasing great musicians.  We know you'll like it 
and will want to tell your friends about it!! 

Crickett has  opened  major  concerts for  Maynard  Ferguson, Dolly  Parton, Lee Greenwood  and 
Barbara Mandrell, along with many other top acts spanning a variety of musical  genres. 


-Georgia Music Channel