Every spring I spend a month in Aalen, Germany. I have the privilege of directing and teaching music, dance, singing and performing with a wonderful team of teachers and aids at the Lebenshilfe School. The residents of Lebenshilfe are mentally / physically challenged adults who work at jobs in Aalen and at the school. 

Through their performances, these challenged adults have learned physical skills, social skills, and are expanding their learning skills. These German-speaking students sing all the songs in English. 

We spend 15 hours a week for 4 weeks practicing, and then perform two shows in town for about 200 people. And talk about excitement - the audience applauds and cheers, and the students are overwhelmed with joy! 

My vision for Sunlight Academy is to form a world wide club with a monthly newsletter, short stories, pictures of projects from different schools and houses, Tee shirts, mugs, awards - everything to make these 'students' feel part of an exciting new community. With our DVD's, your students can start dancing, singing and practicing with us everyday. The joy of rehearsal and performance will change their lives forever! 

I'll end by quoting Dr. Ren Halverson, D.C, P,C. - 
        "Society tends to place the mentally / physically challenged adults in a small community, 
          and leaves their potential in life vastly untapped." 

We are seeking those who would like to contribute to this wonderful life-changing program.

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