Crickett Allen began her musical career as a child with the encouragement of her parents who were both polished professional musicians. She started her professional career in Indianapolis playing piano, keyboards, singing and songwriting with excellent funk fusion and jazz bands. Since that time she has enjoyed a wonderful career performing throughout the US, Europe and the Caribbean. 

Crickett has played with renowned artists including Jimmy Scruggs and Nooney Rickett, and has opened shows for many top acts including Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, Lee Greenwood and Maynard Ferguson. She has written over 100 published songs with two released on the Wright Brothers albums published in the 70s, along with many commercials. 

Crickett spent years performing in the midwest, California, Las Vegas and Nashville. She relocated to Nashville to record and was the house band at Opreyland hotel`s famous Jack Daniels Saloon. She also began her work with children with Brian Barrentine and Funik iJam which is a musical program for children ranging from kindergarten to middle school ages. Through that relationship she began a ten year relationship teaching and producing musicals for the Leibenscilfe school in Aalen Germany. Those shows have been acclaimed throughout Europe and been the subject of a TV documentary about music as a teaching tool for challenged adults and children. Crickett also teaches voice, choirs and workshops on performance at Gianni Pacifico`s Primus music schools in Germany. 

Crickett`s single, Born in Georgia, was released by Tillandsia records and is available on 40 digitlal markets including Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. It was named as a SHAG top new release in 2015 and 2016, and was named to the INDY best seller list in August of 2015. Guitarist, Ren Halverson and Crickett`s soulful vocals helps make this song an undeniable hit. 

Crickett`s latest release is her powerful 12 song original album SOUTHERN HEART, recorded in Indianapolis by Sunlight Publishing. The reviews for this album world wide have been extremely complimentary. Listen and see for yourself.